Deluge: A BitTorrent Client for Both GTK and CLI Fans

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Torrents have been my best companions for downloading GNU/Linux distributions, free-to-share movies, and creative-common music. On my Debian installation, I’ve been ecstatic with rtorrent since it’s been a solid solution for my torrent needs . However, quite recently, I made yet another great discovery: Deluge.

At first, Deluge struck me as being more suitable for graphical users. However, soon I discovered that was just half of the story. I was elated as soon as I found out that the program comes with a neat command-line interface whjch satisfies the appetite of CLI lovers:

Deluge share the same design that lies behind MPD and MPD clients. That is, Deluge comprises two distinct part: Daemon(the core part) and the Client. This kind of design makes Deluge an excellent choice for those who want to run it over a network or especially those who want to build a headless system. Nevertheless, most users including me may just prefer to run the daemon on a local system since my torrent needs are not very high. If you want to use the GUI, you probably don’t have to worry about any of these daemon, client stuff. However, on the console, you first have to start the daemon by deluged command and then execute the CLI client using deluge-console. Now adding torrent files is just as easy as a add torrent-file-path. Further configurations are possible using config.(type help for a full list of available commands).

Other noticable features are a WebUI interface, and a fair amount of plug-ins. I especially like this one which shows a nice graph in the GTK client and also the scheduler plug-in. There is nothing much else to say about Deluge. It’s pretty straight-forward and does the job very well. I think that many previous legacy OS users who are looking for an alternative to uTorrent, will enjoy the simplicity and power of this lovely python-written app.


Written by Woody

January 17, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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  1. Got another one you can try. The closet thing to uTorrent without being uTorrent. CLI at this stage in it is a little weak. Its interface is modeled after uTorrent. Yes open source world stuff gets cloned if it popular.

    Little trick one of the best way to find the best of the best open source applications for a lot of tasks is Wikipedia pages like this one


    January 18, 2011 at 4:50 am

    • qbittorrent is yet another quality alternative. Honestly there are hundreds of bittorrent clients and everybody has a favorite. Personally I like the versatility and simplicity of Deluge.


      January 18, 2011 at 2:06 pm

      • Really there is not hundreds.
        There is a list of about 10 that are worth anything across all platforms.

        Hundreds of x I find as the universal excuse not to look.

        Deluge biggest weakness is if you want to host a torrent. It cannot. Take key note libtorrent (Rasterbar) is the same engine behind both qbittorrent and Deluge. Yet qbittorrent has full hosting support.

        Linux the ones in bittorrent worth anything in order best to worst feature wise.
        Vuse (Yes I hate java but)
        (forgot hosting torrent from this point on)

        Notice I have not even got to rtorrent. Its lacking a lot of things that make it trouble these days. Once you get under the features Ktorrent has you start running into trouble. Even Ktorrent can be trouble on some setups.

        This is why I tell people wikipedia compare sites are great. When you get down to software that works there is normally 1 or 2 in most cats that are worth anything. Yes moving to Deluge is a step in the right direction of quality. One day Deluge might add tracker support.

        Deluge has a lot of nice saving grace features such as daemon support. But to be top of top of features it still missing some useful bits like proxy support.


        January 18, 2011 at 2:37 pm

        • I’m afraid that Deluge DOES have proxy support and also the ability to create a torrent. Please check out the latest veriosn and also take a look at the plug-ins for more features.


          January 18, 2011 at 4:41 pm

          • So someone added a tracker plugin? I have not seen that.

            Last time I used Deluge over 12 months ago it was still having trouble with sock5 proxies. Maybe the Wikipedia needs a update on that point. The wikipedia at least has you looking at the ones that stand a chance.

            Note my words. hosting torrent that is not the same a create torrent.

            A lot of users never need to host a torrent even if they create torrents.

            Super-seeding and A tracker is what you need todo hosting torrent well. Super-seeding is still not a feature of Deluge and not planed to be.

            Deluge specialist in being a client not a host. Not that being a specialist in an area is a bad thing.

            But my point still stands there are not many bittorrent clients worth looking at. It the basic rule of open source software. The best gets the most developers so keeps up with the game. The rest get left to bit rot and slowly fade out of existance.

            Yes a few years ago bittorrent clients were poping up all over the place. The times of that are over. Natural open source software cycle. Try a few 100 different paths then prune out those that don’t work.


            January 18, 2011 at 11:38 pm

            • “Deluge specialist in being a client not a host. Not that being a specialist in an area is a bad thing. ”
              I think that’s very true and it’s highlighted in Deluge documentation. It seems to me that they are intentionally trying to avoid any host aspect of torrent business. That’s why there is no embedded tracker; they just want to be nice little client. But I’ve read that they are adding the super-seeding feature so that might be a start.


              January 19, 2011 at 7:56 am

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