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Probability and Statistics for Python Developers

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Allen Downey (the author of Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist) has published yet another gem (for free): Probability and Statistics for Python Programmers. I’ve been through the first chapters and It’s just amazing. To be honest, I never liked statistics (even worse I loathe probability) but this book approaches these topics from a different perspective. The fact that the author primary reference has been nothing more than Wikipedia is a tip-off that this is a different reading. Highly recommended for people who have passion for both mathematics and programming.


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March 21, 2011 at 4:47 pm

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Learning Python in Three Days. Is it Possible? (UPDATE: Maybe)

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Dive Into PythonThe good news is that I’ve got the whole weekend off. Instead of wasting my time watching movies and lazing around I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and do something exciting: Learning Python. It seems to be a damn exciting programming language which offers a great deal of versatility suitable for everything from Linux administrative tasks to web programming.

My programming knowledge is quite limited at this time and is basically constrained to some articles I’ve read here and there about more traditional programming languages. However I’m very passionated about learning Python and I think it’s going to be an amazing introduction to practical programming world.

The textbook I’ve chosen for my weekend crash course is “Dive Into Python”. It seems to be exactly the same sort of book I’m looking for: challenging, thought-provoking, straight to real stuff. I will update about my progress in the next three days.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Day 3 (Sunday, Feb 6): Well, I went through the first 10 chpaters of the book(18 chapters in total). It’s not the best that one can do yet I’m quite happy with my progress since the book is farily challenging. I will continue reading the rest of chapters in the next days in my free times. Python is beautiful!

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February 3, 2011 at 2:44 pm

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